A Modern Dharma Pioneer

Where there is no Dharma, may there be Dharma…

Rinpoche in meditation

With over 100 full-time members of staff based across 13 departments, KECHARA is the largest Tibetan Buddhist centre in Malaysia. KECHARA staff host a variety of activities, from education classes to pujas, prayers and festivals, designed to bring peace and clarity of mind to everyone who comes across the KECHARA name.

“I will always take care of those students working for Kechara and benefiting others. It touches my heart deeply how much they do and my wish is to take care of them and many like them in the future.”

Providing for their future, and for the spiritual future of Malaysians has always been Rinpoche’s intention. To this end, Rinpoche has made it his priority to establish Menara Kechara, a steppingstone to the final goal of Kechara World Peace Centre.

At Menara Kechara, all KECHARA departments will unite under one roof for the very first time, working and living together to build the alternative learning and healing institution that is Kechara World Peace Centre.

Tsem Rinpoche

“I care about every single person who dedicates themselves to our wonderful work in all the departments of Kechara…I care about them very much…May I benefit them tremendously on many levels always…”

With the aim of Menara Kechara firmly in mind, Rinpoche has decided to utilise social media to spread KECHARA’s message of harmony, peace, healing and spiritual development. Aside from Facebook and Twitter, Rinpoche also connects with his students via his highly popular blog.

Blogging about topics that catch his attention, Rinpoche uses this blog to share with his readers anything from teachings on tantra, to light-hearted comedy skits, to videos of his rescued dogs. One of the most popular categories of H.E.’s blog has grown to form its own division, focusing solely on the paranormal.

With a firm understanding of that which moves the human spirit, Rinpoche is a modern lama set to carry the ancient wisdom of the Buddha in to the 21st century.