Email from Shane Renaud

Keeping up with his practices…

Dear Rinpoche,

My name is Shane Renaud and I wanted to write this letter to you to thank you for touching my life and helping me with my spiritual practice almost exactly two years ago when I sent you an e-mail requesting your help because I had been suffering from nightmares caused by Nagas.

You gave me some practices to do and since then I have been taking refuge and doing Lama Tsongkhapa’s Guru Yoga twice a day as well as doing the short Setrap Puja once a day. These practices have surely helped me along my spiritual path and I am very happy to still be doing them.

I even started studying the Lam Rim in depth and I actually read one chapter so many times I ripped the pages out from the binding. As for the Nagas, they started bothering me a lot less once I started to develop loving-kindness and compassion towards them.

I wanted to write this letter on the 2nd year anniversary when I got your e-mail to express my deep thanks and gratitude for your help.

Thank you Rinpoche.

With much love and warmth,