Mavis Overcomes Her Fears


Mavis overcomes her fears through her interaction with His Eminence’s Tsem Rinpoche’s teachings on youtube…

Dear Rinpoche,

Thank you for directing me to Wai Meng. I have forwarded my questions to him and am anticipating his answers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for posting videos on websites. Specifically, the one that has helped me immensely was about showing compassion with spirits. I have always been fearful of spirits and have encountered them. I was told not to be afraid of them but then I didn’t know how.

I even tell myself not to fear spirits but when the time comes, there is nothing I feel except fear. I also questioned myself why but couldn’t find the answer. I settled myself with fearing spirits my entire life until your videos.

I wasn’t aware of the word “compassion” in my life and when you mentioned and explained it, the fear immediately subsided. I am no longer fearful and I shared this experience with my siblings (with similar fear). For this, I am forever grateful.

I look forward to your postings everyday and each day I learn something new. Thank you once again for opening my eyes.

Humbly grateful,