Responding to a Beautiful Mind

Beautiful mind

Putting the teachings into practice…

To Rinpoche

I will use these beautiful quotes as a daily reminder and read it to myself at every hour of the day.

Your guidance has been so precious to me and I can never thank you enough, but only do the practice as best I can with my limited amount of knowledge.

In this lifetime I might never meet you in person, and so never be able to take refuge with you and go deeper in the practices but I am still working on using your teachings as my main guidance in my life. Everything you say resonates inside me so strongly and I need to work in action to bring the dharma in real life, not just keep it in my head as a wonderful thing to dream about. You gave me an answer to my first question to you on Twitter on becoming a renunciate: to study the Lamrim, the Wheel of Sharp Weapons, Guru Devotion by Lama Tsongkhapa and Preparing for Tantra by Kensur Lobsang Tharchin. I have begun my studies. I have read Compassion Conquers All over and over, and recite the Eight Verses daily.

I am forever grateful for all the Dharma talks you are giving to us, and for the wonderful energetic team that is working with you to spread the teachings. Now I am learning and discovering how important and precious Master Tsongkhapa and Lord Setrap are by listening and watching your videos on YouTube.

Deeply, deeply inside, your words are singing and make me very happy.

Most of the time I forget and live very superficially. I will use the Quotes from a Beautiful Mind as a precious tool at each hour of the day to always remember my motivation and intention to serve the Dharma and to work for the benefit of all beings everywhere.

From the deepest of my heart,
With infinite gratitude and joy,
Michele Marie