Victoria Experiences Purification


Victoria experiences purification via her health and expresses her thanks to His Eminence for assisting a perfect stranger.

Very Dear Rinpoche,

The two pujas you recommended to be done, and the specific monk counts have been carried out prior to my surgery which was last Tuesday. The surgery went well. I will send my offering to the monks and send more than suggested.

I continue to manifest purification via health and now have strep throat and sinus infection, but truly I rejoice it is not worse… I rejoice I am not one of the beautiful animals which have been tortured and abused and that I am the sort of human who loves ALL sentient beings, respectfully.

Rinpoche, I have no words for how much I appreciate you and all of your Kechara family. I don’t know any of you personally, but we all want happiness so we are all the same. It is my wish for your great success and for you to never leave till samsara ends…never leave, never leave, never leave till we all attain perfect and complete collection of wisdom and karma ceases to exist.

With love,