Yew Seng offers a Setrap prayer


Yew Seng’s creates the causes for KWPC…

Dear Beng Kooi,

I have composed a prayer to Lord Setrap for the success of Kechara World Peace Centre and wish to offer it to H.E. Tsem Rinpoche. The prayer is written in Chinese and roughly translated into English as Chinese words consist of deeper meaning.

Prayer to Dharmapala Setrap
Vajra Yaksha who is the manifestation of Buddha Amitabha, wearing golden amour and holding a precious gem cudgel.
Radiate light like the rising sun (red in color), who shake the heaven and earth, subdue the Mara with his divine strength and removing obstacles with his might.
May you Lord, please provide conducive factors and protect against all misfortunes for those who recite this prayer.
Protector of the sangha, please not be late, ride on your precious horse and bestow auspiciousness swiftly.

金甲衣护法祈请 文
金刚药叉,弥陀 所化, 身批金甲,手持宝棒。
旭日光辉, 乾坤荡漾,神力降魔,威德除障。
若有诵持,愿尊 卫守,成办顺缘,回遮诸难。
伽蓝护法,勿稽 勿迟,纵马奔腾,速降吉祥。

Written by
Wu Yew Seng