More is Less, Less is More

Alex C.J. Tan

Rinpoche receiving khata

Rinpoche receiving khata

Meeting my precious Guru has, more or less, transformed my life. Despite worldly obstacles, I feel happier as days pass by practicing the following, as taught by him:

To give and serve more
To take and demand less

To praise more
To criticize less

To show more compassion
To have less anger

To cherish others more
To think of self less

To smile more
And to frown less

To listen and contemplate more
To talk and argue less

To place more importance on others
And less on self

To be more tolerant
And less confrontational

To spend more time on learning dharma
To waste less time on worldly pursues

To perform more virtuous actions
To have less worldly desires

To be more aware of others’ pain
To be less attached to one’s joy

To do more for others will bring them less sufferings
To see less sufferings by others will bring more joy to us

I am truly inspired to acquire more of my Guru qualities
And lessen my own obscurations, delusions and self-cherishing mind.

I feel absolutely blessed to have met my Guru and received his teachings. I now fear less and look forward more to what is ahead. I am no longer afraid of old age, sickness and death as I know that the blessings and protection from the Three Jewels are with me.

My precious Guru helped me to discover the greater purpose for this life which is to benefit others rather than oneself. As an accountant, I have been trained to look at returns on investment, and this is something that really make sense!

** Alex, along with his wife Ashlee, are regular volunteers at Kechara House, and are particularly involved in the Manjushri Kids Class every Sunday at Kechara House.