Pastor Henry Ooi

Director of Kechara Forest Retreat


I have been a member of the Board of Directors of Kechara since 18 December 2005 and a student of H.E. for over ten years, learning Buddhism and practicing Dharma.

The pre-requisites of a Kechara Director requires one to possess the correct attitude to serve others, honesty, integrity, be hard-working and never give up, and most of all to be faithful to H.E., the unbroken lineage of Lama Tsongkhapa and to our Kechara organisation.

I have received many Dharma teachings, gifts, moral, emotional and financial support from H.E. over the years and am still receiving the same now. All these led me to commit as a Director to further my Dharma practice, and to assist H.E. in Dharma work to benefit more people.


  • Board of Directors, Kechara Organisation
  • President, Kechara Soup Kitchen
  • Executive Committee Member, Kechara World Peace Centre
  • Head of Kechara Forest Retreat


    • Education

Malaysian Certificate of Education 1969

    • Work Experience

More than twenty years in the skincare and cosmetics industry before I joined Dharma work

    • Family

I am married to Angel Lee and we have two kids, daughter Beatrix and son Edward. Also I have a grown up son Alex who is married to Denise and a daughter Sue Ann from a previous marriage. Sue Ann is currently staying with her mother, Jenny, in PJ.