Liaisons Succession Plan

Grooming New Directors For Future Generations


Liaisons are the personal assistants of our Spiritual Guide, H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, and are committed to carry out his vision and plans. Decisions for the organisation are made by democratic vote at the Board of Directors under the guidance of His Eminence. The Kechara organisation is growing quickly and the Board of Directors now has 20 members.

In view of the rapid expansion, the Directors have developed a succession plan, which is a two-tiered mentoring program to identify and groom young and dynamic potential Directors to carry on His Eminence’s work for future generations.

Potential candidates with relevant experience and skills are nominated by Directors and confidentially evaluated as Directors in Training. They are then voted in to join the program as an Apprentice to the Board of Directors. The person is then formally invited to accept the privileged position of a liaison. His Eminence is not involved in this process although final nominations are presented to Him for his blessings.

Each Apprentice to the Board of Directors is assigned two mentors from within the Board of Directors. The role of the mentors is to closely nurture, guide and groom the aspirants to eventually become Directors. Having two mentors ensures more care and a balanced objectivity in guiding and assessing the development of the aspirants.

Director in Training

A Director in Training meets the qualifying criteria (see below) and exhibits the potential to be a Director. They are confidentially assessed before being invited to join as an Apprentice to the Board of Directors, when their formal training begins.

Apprentice to the Board of Directors

An Apprentice aspires to eventually be a Director. An Apprentice is invited to provide ideas and take initiative but does not have voting privileges. An Apprentice is not directly responsible for decisions made and is unable to represent His Eminence in any capacity.

Qualifying Criteria

Directors in Training and Apprentices to the Board of Directors:
• Must have taken Refuge with H.E. Tsem Rinpoche.
• Must have Guru Devotion, integrity and honesty.
• Must be life members of Kechara House and voted in by Directors.

The maximum number of Apprentices should be 20% of the current number of Directors at the time of nomination. New Apprentices can be nominated every six months if necessary.

Review Period

There will be a half yearly review of performance, as well as continuous feedback and guidance from mentors and Directors.