A Multitude of Blessings and Thanks


Having connected with His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche via twitter, Michael Craig found that receiving teachings from His Eminence had an immediate impact on his life, helping him to discover an affinity with the Queen of Dakinis, Vajrayogini herself. After a period of short exchanges, Michael was sent some gifts which he recently received.

A multitude of blessings and thanks from the deepest parts of my heart, and wishes for a long life and good health to His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche!

I received the Vajrayogini pendant and blessing he offered me, as well as the Journey to Gaden DVD, the Dharma Princess Diaries (which my 4 year old daughter watched this morning with rapt attention), the Making A Difference DVD, the Tsem Tulku Revisited DVD, and the copy of Gurus For Hire; Enlightenment For Sale.

Please let His Eminence know that, since my last communication to him, I have taken the Bodhisattva Vows, along with the Lay Lifetime and Refuge vows, from my Holy Lama, Allison Dey. This coming weekend I will be beginning a special Lam Rim Review course out at Diamond Mountain University and Retreat Center, in preparation for my Yamantaka initiation (hopefully this summer), and subsequent Vajrayogini empowerment. It was through Rinpoche that I first discovered my affinity for Vajrayogini, and things have moved quite rapidly since then. Also please let Rinpoche know that, through merely a handful of his “tweets” on Twitter concerning vegetarianism, I have experienced a sudden and unexpected aversion toward meat in all of its forms. This has made the choice to commit myself to a vegetarian diet a fairly simple one, which I have done in the last month.

I truly hope someday that the seeds will ripen for my being able to meet His Eminence in person. My encountering him through Twitter has been most auspicious, and I have already found myself living in a world that is beautifully far removed from the one I had found myself in only a few short months ago.

May His Eminence be showered with a multitude of blessings, great health and vitality, and long life! Much love and appreciation to him, and the entire Tsem Ladrang!

- Michael Craig