A Verse to His Eminence

Sandy Clarke, one of our Twitter followers, composes a beautiful poem as an offering to His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche

His words, deeply rooted,
Stand strong against distractions
Like the mighty oak tree in gale force winds
That refuses to bend to their will.

He drives a vehicle
To help lessen the pain of our journey;
Stills the waters of a savage storm,
Providing shelter for those who seek it.

Like Time, his work is committed and tireless.
An ocean of compassion ensures that
He remains undeterred in his winnable struggle
Against hopelessness and ignorance,
Leading those who will follow into a joyful awakening.

He personifies all virtue, yet exists with humility,
Carries a burden, yet expounds with ease;
His words flow freely, and to the fullest of meaning,
Give incredible insight to the truth behind being.

Sandy Clarke