An Email from Lawrence Wong

Your Eminence Tsem Rinpoche,

I feel so greatly blessed that my heart is still pumping when I am writing you this thank you message. Thank you!

I started learning from your website about a month ago. Your teachings make me reflect and clearly see my many mistakes and misconceptions over the past five years as a “Buddhist”. I will try hard to correct my mistakes and to work on the true goal of Buddhist practice or being a Buddhist, i.e. mind transformation, an ordinary term to many but which I have been almost totally ignoring for a long time until now.

I thank you and VajraSecrets very much for bringing me the precious Dharma items. Yesterday, I received your great “Setrap The Protector Box Set”. I was very excited. Every item in it including the box is really beyond all my expectations. Seeing this and even before doing any of his prayers or pujas, I already feel the blessing to me from you and Setrap.

I sincerely thank you and *everyone* of your Kechara team because without your great compassionate mind and action, it is absolutely impossible for me, such a very bad and ugly being in the human realm, to encounter these Dharma jewels.

I will never give up in this inner war until I am enlightened, just as warrior Setrap never surrendered to any of our obstacles to supreme Enlightenment.

Thanks and regards,
Lawrence Wong (from Hong Kong)