Email from Travis, West Virginia


Yearning for His Eminence’s teachings…

To all of you:

I discovered Tsem Rinpoche on YouTube some time ago and immediately felt drawn to his teachings of the Dharma. I honestly feel connected even though I have not met him. I have wished to travel to Malaysia just to attend even one Dharma talk with your group.

I am inviting your growing organization to spread the Dharma in the United States. I understand that you are wanting to become more global, what better place to come than the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. Only a 45 minute flight to Washington DC and within 500 miles of the largest cities on the east coast. Land here is inexpensive and fertile and the people here are thirsty for the Dharma.

It is my fervent wish to become ordained and practice, practice, practice to be able to spread the Dharma in a personal way such as Tsem Rinpoche.

Much success in all your efforts

West Virginia