Greetings from Bhutan

Words of wisdom from His Eminence has changed Sangay Wangchuk…

Your Holiness,

My name is Sangay Wangchuk and I am from Bhutan. I went through your website and I have learned many things about the Buddhist religion, saving animals and not being selfish. Now I am confident that I have received blessings from Rinpoche. I even stopped eating meat because after listening to Rimpoche’s teachings I received so much knowledge about good and bad, and I am sure Rimpoche will bless me.

Rimpoche, your teaching is great. Though I cannot come personally and meet Rimpoche, after hearing and listening to Rimpoche’s teaching, I am blessed. Now I am totally changing and trying my best to be a good person to all living beings. And as much as possible, I will be more selfless than selfish.

Last but not least, I pray for Rimpoche’s Long life and may all of Rimpoche’s dreams be fulfilled.

Sangay Wangchuk