Kagyur Rinpoche writes


Kagyur Rinpoche congratulates His Eminence and Kechara on the work they are doing, and is happy Tsem Rinpoche remembers the good times at the monastery.

Dear Beng Kooi,

Thank you very much for your letter and those books of Tsem Rinpoche. In fact I am really happy that Rinpoche still remembers those precious times in the monastery.

I am really impressed and fortunate to know about all the projects and work that Kechara is rendering towards the social benefit and well-being of humanity. Tsem Rinpoche’s Dharma books are really impressive, interesting and definitely help the younger generation in building pure mind and developing into good human beings.

Please pay my heartiest congratulations to Rinpoche and all the members of Tsem Ladrang and Kechara. I deeply thank you all for all the good works and will pray for all the upcoming future projects.

Kagyur Rinpoche