Living for the Dharma

Living for the Dharma

Janet Doucette writes to pledge her commitment to vegetarianism, wondering how people can ever be a part of so much suffering by eating meat. Her commitment, she says, will continue for endless eons.

I am writing to let you know I am committed to being a vegetarian. I have been vegetarian since 1996 and will continue to be so for endless eons.

When asked by others why, I say I cannot bear that any creature suffers death so I can live since I can live quite easily without meat.

I also tell people that so much grain and wheat and corn goes to feed cows to fatten them up for slaughter, that people are going hungry around the world.

How could I ever allow myself to be a part of so much suffering?

I am grateful for your work, Rinpoche.

By the way, vegetarians are so often challenged by others, including doctors and nutritionists it is often hard to receive so much negative judgement. But happily I use each encounter to tell people why I am committed.

I live for the Dharma.

Janet Doucette