Pursuit of the ‘Perfect Life’

Dear Rinpoche,

Thank you very much for your compassion and understanding. I cannot express how much it means to take refuge with you. I embark on this spiritual journey with joy and not a little trepidation. With your kind guidance, I know that if I persevere and practice with the right motivation, devotion and absolute faith, I will one day be enlightened. Through any trials and tribulations, may I always be mindful that I take this path for the benefit of all sentient beings.

As I sat listening to you teach during the Refuge Ceremony on April 23, I was overcome by a multitude of emotions. What you said that evening (and incidentally every time I read your books or watch your teachings on-line on YouTube), you touch a chord in my heart. I have found little joy in the pursuit of the “perfect” life! Thank you for your heart advice. My first practice is to let go of all the regrets, unhappiness and emptiness of my life. May I let go of my “miserliness” and learn to be generous of heart and compassion.

I have learnt so much from you and continue to find answers to questions and new insights surface every time I go on-line to read your blog or visit your website and listen to your teachings on YouTube. While nothing can compare to being present at your Dharma talks, it is still wonderful that spiritual guidance from you is just a click of the mouse away. Now that I have met you, I will never feel the distance again even if I live thousands of miles (and a couple of oceans) away!

Thank you, Rinpoche for your wonderful gifts. The Lama Tsongkhapa statue now sits beautifully on my altar, I wear the pendant all the time and the beautiful mala is used for my daily sadhana. You have given me such inspiration.

With much love and folded hands,

Yee Ling
aka that lady who came from the US to take refuge :-)