The Greatest Gift


Taking refuge means a lot to Liew…

Dearest Rinpoche,
In the most humble manner, I am glad the conditions now enable anyone to get in touch easily with a Great Teacher as yourself. I hope my email to you will not cost much of your precious time.

I am CK Liew. Today (1st May 2010) was really an auspicious day for my entire family, after one week of waiting, finally Lord Setrap’s towering and powerful presence entered our home. With a lot of kindness and love from Su Ming, James and Albert, the whole ceremony was really smooth and memorable! My family and I are truly happy and blessed today to have received teachings and advice from You to have Lord Setrap in our home. We shall vow to pray sincerely and have full faith in Dharmapala Setrap from now onwards until the very end!

The energy of Su Ming is truly amazing, she is such a kind-hearted person and takes everything she does with full conviction and passion. James on the other hand is such a loving person, his dedication towards Rinpoche, towards Su Ming as his superior and in his work is undeniable and truly can be seen with naked eyes. As for Albert, the person that opened my doorway to Kechara two years back: my fullest gratitude to him. It was him that introduced me to Lord Dzambala and I invited Lord Dzambala to my business outlet two years ago. It took me two more years before I was back in Kechara and I am glad that I have decided to volunteer and dedicate more and more time to build my spiritual side. As you have always said, it starts with the planting of a seed. My seed has just started to grow.

Rinpoche, the reason for my email is to tell you how fortunate I have been to have taken refuge under you. Henceforth, I shall keep my refuge vows at all cost, keep my samaya clean and hopefully one day I will be able to serve you like all your other students and liaisons. I know from your teachings that the greatest gift to a Lama is not the most expensive gift in this mundane world but is the Guru Devotion towards one’s Guru for the rest of your life.

Rinpoche, lastly I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for spreading the very profound teaching of Tibetan Buddhism to everyone that wishes to learn in Malaysia and all around the world. Thank you for your sacrifices, thank you for your hard work and thank you for your love, kindness, compassion and sincerity that I have found in You.

I wish and shall pray every day for your Long Life to stay long to teach us the Dharma, may the manifestation of KWPC come swiftly and may the Kechara organisation, your lifelong work, remain even after you have passed on for years and years to come.

I have yet to directly make any offerings to you even though you never need it. I do understand why we offer gifts to Rinpoche, but to start it off I have attached the translation of the Heart Sutra in this email for you so that you may one day teach this amazing text to me and many many more tantras and sutras to all of us.

May Rinpoche be BLESSED always by the NOBLE TRIPLE GEMS and THREE JEWELS.

May I for the first time address You as my Root Guru. I hope you will accept me. : )

Yours sincerely,
Liew Chee Khoi