Turning Black Magic into the Miracle of Dharma

Margaret Lee

H.E Tsem Rinpoche

Had my husband not cheated on me, I would never have come into the Holy Dharma. It was in the spring of 2001 when my husband openly admitted that he was in love with a Muslim Indian woman with two daughters. He was even thinking of renting a house to live with her, which he finally did two months later.

Having been married to him for 14 years, I had noticed he was not the husband that I knew. There were obvious behavioural changes, very unusual. He was like a teenager falling in love again. He openly took holidays and trips with her to Thailand and Singapore in the early days, and helped her to find a lawyer in Singapore to get a divorce from her husband at the time.

A woman’s instinct told me that he was charmed. Even though I heard about these black magic stories, I did not know who to turn to. I asked my friends and neighbours, and through their connections, they all confirmed that this woman had charmed my husband. And of course, their respective bomohs (Malay witch doctors) said I could unwind this by doing something back, yet I hesitated and never followed their instructions.

One of my office colleagues was concerned and told me that her brother knew of a Tibetan Lama who might be able to help me. However, he was living in Singapore at that time and she needed to make an appointment for me to go down to see him. Within one week, I was told that this Lama was coming up to Malaysia to give a Dharma teaching – something that he had not done for almost a year and half.

It was 17 April 2001, when I first met my Guru. The teaching was held in one of the students’ houses; it was packed with people, and they all looked very excited about the arrival of the Lama. I saw a lot of photos on the wall of the house and the host told me that this was Rinpoche, meaning “Precious One” in Tibetan. My impression of him was, as I remember now, that he looked so young, so different from those traditional older Lamas, and he had this most peaceful and serene smile on his lips. My only doubt then was whether he was really powerful enough to help me to dispel the black magic.

Suddenly, somebody shouted, “Rinpoche is coming!” We all lined up and I was asked to greet him with a khata, a very traditional and respectful way of greeting a Lama. I could not believe what was in front of me as he looked nothing like the photos I saw on the wall. Instead, the Lama was a tall, slim, modern gentleman in plain clothes. He just asked me my name, I offered the khata to him and he went upstairs to change.

He came down dressed in his golden robes, and he looked like “Fu Ye”, the last emperor of China, as he always jokingly claimed himself as one. I had never attended any Dharma talk before, let alone know the meaning of Dharma. However, during the teaching, even though I had my own personal agenda, I was totally absorbed in his words, his humour, and the skillful means through which he brought the message across to all of us. It was really an amazing experience to me!

It was after midnight before the talk was over. Finally, it was consultation time. When it came to my turn, I couldn’t wait to ask him if my husband was charmed. He did his dice throwing, which I now know is referred to as divination.

He told me in these exact words, “Yes, it is very authentic black magic; it came from a female source. Forgive them (my husband and the woman), they are human beings. Be patient, be strong. The spell will be broken but it will take time.”

At the time, I thought to myself, “How could I forgive the woman who took away my husband?! I am a human being too!” He asked me if there were any electric problems in my house lately and a bell went off in my head: My vacuum cleaner, and the iron both went bust one day when my maid was doing the daily cleaning. Then I remembered that my kids had complained to me that the TV switched itself off many times when they were watching it, and my favourite B&O hi-fi had also stopped working. Last but not least, my brand new Volvo, just six months old, refused to start. When the AAM technician arrived, I was told that the battery of the car was dead.

I was told to do one protector mantra 100,000 times as quickly as possible, and to blow the mantra onto the clothing and objects that my husband wore. This was to prevent a small fire from occurring in my house, due to the electrical nature of the black magic. I did it diligently and as quickly as I could. When I was reciting this mantra I felt my heart pumping fast but, at the same time, I also felt tremendous peace as if I knew that nothing drastic would happen to myself and the children.

My first experience with the power of mantras is one which I would like to share with all of you. My mother gave my husband a golden bracelet as a wedding present, which he wore since our wedding day. Throughout the week that we, as a family, had our last holiday together in Koh Samui, I noticed that the gold chain was not on his wrist. I knew that he had given it to this lady.

I asked him tactfully where the bracelet was and he casually answered that it was in a safe place. I told him that I would like to clean all the jewellery as I had a new jewellery cleaner. A week later, he gave me the bracelet. Immediately and without hesitation, I did my protector mantra and blew onto it. It was a solid heavy 999 gold bracelet and I remember that every time I blew onto it, it moved like a snake. On the seventh round of the mantra, as I blew onto the chain, it did not move! I thought I did something wrong and I blew even harder but it remained still.

I called up Rinpoche’s assistant and asked what really had happened. After she consulted Rinpoche, I was told that the chain had been charmed. That was the reason the chain moved as I blew onto it, as it was light due to the influence of the spirits. When I blew the mantra over it, I was actually dispelling the charm on the chain. By the seventh round of the mantra, when the influence of the spirits was no longer there, gold was gold again, heavy as metal, and even though I tried to blow harder, it did not move at all.

Ever since I met my Lama, I have been attending Dharma classes and talks, and even though I was a baptized Christian before, I now find so much affinity with the Buddha’s teachings. The truth, logic and philosophy of Buddhism make so much sense in our lives. Perhaps because of a greater understanding of the Dharma, natural fear arises – the wish not to be re-born into the lower realms urges me to practice the Dharma diligently.

I took refuge in March 2003 and to this day, I am truly grateful to my Guru who has once again, used his skillful means to bring another sentient being – me – to the Holy Dharma. No words can express my gratitude.

The power of the knowledge of Dharma has given me tremendous strength to face the many obstacles in my life. I still struggle at times, but I must say that I cope with these struggles better now with the knowledge of the Holy Dharma. I hope with more understanding and with continual practice of the Dharma, I will one day become a true light to others to repay the kindness of my Guru.

** Margaret continues to be an active member of Kechara House, frequently involved in pujas, classes and all Kechara activities.