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Important Advice 

Rinpoche's parting words

Advice & Practices for Students​

Before passing into parinirvana, H.E. Tsem Rinpoche with great compassion and wisdom left instructions and advice on what his students should do so that we can collect merits to bring Rinpoche’s unmistaken incarnation back swiftly to continue his enlightened activities to benefit beings.

Some of these were pujas that were to be done by specific monasteries and in Kechara immediately upon Rinpoche’s parinirvana. Other pujas are to be done on a regular basis. These include:

  • Pujas related to wisdom deities such as Yamantaka, Manjushri, Kalarupa, Four-Faced Mahakala and Dorje Shugden​
  • Self initiations, tsok offerings, fire pujas and other rituals related to Vajrayogini​
On an individual level, Rinpoche advised his students to practise Vajrayogini (for those who have received her initiation), or Dorje Shugden, thoroughly – thinking of the Lama as either one or both of these deities. Dedicate your personal practice as follows:

“Dorje Shugden, Tsem Rinpoche wants to come back and do your work and to spread Vajrayogini’s tantra. Please help us to clear obstacles so that we can swiftly find the incarnation. Please help us to find a Geshe of import to bring the young incarnation back and educate him.”

Two relic stupas should be constructed in Kechara Forest Retreat and filled primarily with Vajrayogini, Manjushri and Dorje Shugden tsa tsas, images, scriptures, prayers and texts along with Rinpoche’s relics and holy remains. These stupas create the energy to draw Rinpoche’s incarnation back to the organisation, and helps his students to create the merits for this to happen more quickly. Furthermore, if extensive offerings and practices are done at these holy stupas, Rinpoche’s next incarnation will powerfully manifest the enlightened deeds of his previous lives.

Lastly, students should keep their samaya with Rinpoche and their samaya with each other clean, make abundant offerings, complete the projects that Rinpoche had envisioned for Tsem Ladrang, Kechara Forest Retreat and the Kechara organisation in general, and continue to uphold the lineage and all of Rinpoche’s Dharma works.

The above advice was given early in 2018 by our lama, His Eminence the 25th Tsem Rinpoche, who has perfect control over his birth, parinirvana and rebirth.