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Pay Homage to Rinpoche

H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s unique brand of empathic Buddhist teachings touched the hearts and changed the lives of thousands of people around the globe. Rinpoche’s entry into parinirvana left many students, friends and followers bereft by a profound sense of loss, a gaping emptiness in their lives which will never quite be whole again, and a deep appreciation for all that they have gained from his teachings.

You’re invited to offer any last words you’d like to say to Rinpoche, or share a story or two of how Rinpoche has touched and changed your life.


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The following is a selection of messages that gives a glimpse of how meaningful Rinpoche and his teachings were to the lives of those he touched.

  1. A well produced video of a great Dhamma teacher. I may not agree with some aspects of this practice but I cannot deny that Tsem & Kechara has brought many to the Buddha Dharma.

    May Kechara carry on the torch of spreading the Buddha Dharma to more people

  2. I got emotional throughout the video. My heart rejoices to know Rinpoche, even from afar, and to have seen his teachings. And because he gave me Vajrasattva teachings. Gratitude, Rinpoche. May you continue to give us blessings from Clara Luz Space. And may all your students, monks and teachers from Kechara take their precious work forward. Tashi Delek 🙏🌷 😢🌹❤️

  3. I’ve been watching his videos since I’ve created my YouTube account and this past month I’ve really been watching his sermons constantly not knowing he had past, I had the deep desire to meet him one day and visit his beautiful monastery but as I have been taught impermanence is reality and it really hurts my heart knowing he is gone his unique personality as apart of the Sangha will live on with me. One day I will visit his monastery and offer what I can. His teachings will resonate with me for the rest of my life. I feel so fortunate to have been born in the time with internet, to hear his teachings was more than a blessing for me. He will be remembered by many and an inspiration for future Buddhist And lay members. My condolences from the California Bay Area 🙏🌹🥺

  4. I was just shocked yesterday because since 2 weeks i hear his teachings more hours a day and before sometimes i did. I would like to visit his homepage and i started to google on and the search tips showed “Tsem tulku passed away”…. I thought nooo it should be an another Tsem tulku but…not… i was totaly shocked that he is more than a year passed away :(( I belong to an another lineage but his teachings and the way how he did really touched me and i earned some realization across… I can say my spiritual life became more honest and serious. I want to say a big THANK YOU and i wish all the bests for your next incarnation and may it will be longer activity than now. Rest in peace and come back soon Rinpoche! 🙂 <3

  5. Very beautiful ceremony by the esteemed and wonderful Tsem Rinpoche. Tears run down my face, but the joy of his kindness, of his teachings overcomes that sadness, we love Dorje Shugden and we love Tsem Rinpochet, hugs from a friend from Brazil

  6. A great regret was that I did not have the opportunity to meet rinpoche in person. I hope all of you at Kechara keep your faith strong that tsem rinpoche was the real deal and that he illuminated the path for you to follow. Thank you for posting this

  7. I feel alone in the world without his presence. The world lost a great master that connected with the pople at all levels. He was a great teacher to me via hist videos and I’m sure to most of you as well. I always hoped for a chance to meet him in person. The only confort I have is that he will re-appear in the work to continue where he left off.

  8. A great master like tsem rinpoche is always present he has never left us just his body.he will take birth when he is ready or should I say when we are ready. 💖💖💖🙏💖💖💖he came he saw he conquered. 🕉 💖💗🏯💖

  9. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have learned about the dharma through his videos 🙏♥️

  10. 🌸🙏🌸🙏🌸🙏 It was very shocking for me. I would like to say thank you very much to all the members on the sangha for sharing this video. I learned Dharma from Rimpoches videos.I am sure he is in Amitabha land learning from all the budhas and Bodhisattvas preparing for his return. 💐 om ami dewa hri

  11. Dear His Eminence Kyabje Tsem Rinpoche,

    Rinpoche’s unconditional love and compassionate action and words towards others lead us to apply and practice and be a better person. I will apply and practice your advice to me.
    Rinpoche, you are forever in my heart.

  12. Dearly beloved Guru, Tsem Tulku Rinpoche…

    I would like to thank Rinpoche with folded hands for Rinpoche’s loving kindness and compassion with sincere gratitude from the bottom of my heart. Rinpoche is the best Lama in the world that i have known ,although we have not personally met. I am very fortunate to know Rinpoche all these years. Even chatting a few words with Rinpoche on social media makes me feel very happy. I have always wished to meet Rinpoche and never thought Rinpoche would leave us so soon.
    Me and behalf of my parents will miss Rinpoche very much. I will keep to my words and promise to Rinpoche to support Rinpoche in social media and bring more people to dharma and help support to lift Dorje Shugden ban ,and spread Dorje Shugden practice to benefit more people. I sincerely pray and hope Rinpoche will have a smooth and swift rebirth to teach everyone more Dharma. May Rinpoche come back very soon to Kechara Forest Retreat.

  13. From the depths of my heart, thank you Tsem Rinpoche for devoting your life and all your activities to the flourishing of Je Tsonkhapa’s tradition throughout the world. Your teachings have deeply touched my heart. Your dharma videos are wisdom jewels that have allowed me to increase my spiritual practice. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your sincere love for dharma with the rest of the world. With deep respect, I request you to swiftly return and remain with sentient beings for a very long time.

  14. You, who’re a great sidhha in guises of a monk. Every actions of your body, speech and mind had never waver from Lamrim’s subjects of topics when scrutinize closely with my limited knowledge in the Lamrim teaching.
    You , who’re great visionary that pointed out to me and those with lower mental capacity, who are at the lowest rank among your disciples the important of future live since it was countless! To modify our behavior, to act in accordance with the law of cause and effect. Hence, you give us great hope to never despair even if we are slow in this live.
    You, who having endless energy in showing the methods to ceasation of self- cherishing, the very source of our suffering :- “To be of benefit of other”. Hence, taking on all the skepticism and criticism of common folk single handedly.
    You, who’re most courageous in reviewing your “secret practice”, your Dharma protector. :- Hence, you put yourself in the direct line of firing from the fame and famous and their unscrupulous followers. Thus, you reviewed the foundation to the vary heart of the Tantra of holding commitments and promise in the face of adversities.
    Though our meeting in this life is brief and slightly distance physically. Just as the sun whose nature are to give of warm and light to all but never focused on a particular being, it is me who failed to realize this and shocked when the dusk drawn near. Frantically searching for a solution but was told that there’s nothing I could do as my merits was running thin and my black karma has catches up with me. All I could do now is to offer you my plea in the form of prayers that may the darkness of the night soon past and the dawn of your reincarnation appear swiftly.
    During the dark of night, may we continue be hooked by your compassion in Dharmakaya form and guided by the footprints you left in cyber space as the beacon of what is the right way utilizing this opportune conditions and the preciousness of cultivating.
    At the first daybreak of your Nirmanakaya form reappeared, may I too collect enough amount of merits during the dark and had the opportunity to be among your first circle of disciples.
    Your unscrupulous disciple,” a stone mason” trying to write with an iron stylus. Tenzin Sherab.

  15. Truly missed him, it’s a great loss of a high lama, though I have not met him.
    would like to offer him a bouquet of 12 yellow roses and 12 large chrysanthemums .
    vegetarian dish cooked with winter mushroom 冬菇, black fungus木耳, red dates紅棗, vermincili 冬粉 and three bowls of full rice to offer to him
    may he be reborn into a wonderful family who will love him and preciously treasure him.

    • 20 yellow roses and 20 large yellow chrysanthemums
      may he rest in peace

  16. I never had the pleasure of meeting HE Tsem Rinpoche in person, though I lived in Howell, NJ and California. His videos were always a source of information and joy. About 5 years ago, he learned that I was serving a spiritual center, he sent a care package. He knew nothing of my situation. I had been financially struggling (after breaking my wrist- as I work as a physio therapist). He sent me money, a blanket, a jacket, some books and videos. Everything was very touching and profound for me, even to this day. I continue to watch and share his precious videos, as I cannot imagine a world without HE Tsem Rinpoche. I join in prayer for his swift return.

  17. Tsongkapa, crown ornament of the Land of the Snows
    You are Buddha Shakyamuni and Vajradhara, the source of all attainments
    Avalokiteshvara, the treasury of unobservable compassion
    Manjushri, the supreme stainless wisdom
    Vajrapani, the destroyer of the hosts of maras
    O Venerable Guru-Buddha, synthesis of all 3 Jewels
    With my body, speech and mind, respectfully I make requests
    Please grant your blessings to ripen and liberate myself and others and bestow the common and supreme attainments.
    Dear H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, your teachings deeply touched the life of myself and family. With your compassion for all living beings please swiftly return to kindly continue your work to benefit migrators!

  18. To His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche,
    We will never forget how hard you worked to enlighten us and spread the dharma to us here in Malaysia. Thank you so much for your hard work, may you rest well and come back soon.

  19. I was not a Buddhist previously but in 2013, I took special interest in searching and learning up Buddhism, especially Tibetan Buddhism. At that time, I found Rinpoche’s blog and it’s in Malaysia! In December 2013, I went to first a puja in Kechara Penang, led by Pastor Patsy. Later that month, my family and I visited Kechara House for the first time and it was Pastor Han Nee who approached us. She taught us on how to properly pay homage to a Lama. Just before we went back to Penang, I’ve received a Lama’s gift unexpectedly. This kind gesture from Rinpoche has left me totally flabbergasted. I’ve not meet Rinpoche personally but from then on I’m quite active in social media throughout the years as Rinpoche has been giving teachings online regularly.

    One of Rinpoche’s teachings that really moved me was the sufferings of the animals and the reasons for us to be kind to them. Due to that, by mid 2013, I was slowly cutting off meat from my plates and up until now ?. I’m glad I did. From then on, I’ve started to do my sadhana, go retreats and join in activities.

    I always remember Rinpoche mentioned many times that we have to be devoted to our Guru and hold our vows well. Rinpoche, I will cherish these advices and many other teachings that You have kindly shared with us.

    With this in mind, may I sincerely request for a swift return of Your Eminence. Although I’m not a worthy student but there are many beings who are still suffering and needed Your guidance here. Rinpoche, thanks a lot for everything that You have given us here, including a spiritual home; Kechara Forest Retreat and a special protector; Lord Dorje Shugden. Till we meet again….


  20. My Dearest Root Guru, H.E. the 25th Tsem Tulku Rinpoche,

    It was like sudden stroke me in my head when I heard about the news that you have entered to clear light. We have been doing personal retreat in Penang Gompa, even skip my dinner, to pray for Your recovery. I still can not believe you have left us even it already 2 weeks.

    You are just like father to me. I have gone through a lot in my life and I only feel peace in your Mandala by following Your teaching and advice especially in strong current of samsara. I was doing center hoping for years till I met you in 2011 in your Birthday. The teaching You gave on that night really inspired and stroke me. From that moment, I bowed down to You and accept You as my Guru and regard Kechara as my final spiritual home. I always say to my Dharma friends and wife that I will stay in Kechara after I have retired and settled my worldly responsibility to continue to help my Guru to spread the Dharma.

    I have promised You in front of Your holy Image in my alter last month. I will follow You as your faithful student for lives till I obtain enlightenment. I will keep that Promise forever. The Promise book has inspired me a lot and it is motivation to move me to overcome my stubborn hurdles of changing my habits and do Dharma work in spiritual path.

    Even thought, I only met You a couple of times in Your Dharma Teaching in hall but your blog chat session /blog articles/ facebook post/ youtube have inspired me a lot. That is the source of my guidance in the samsara from distance especially when I was working in China. I will continue these practice as promised.

    Again, I will continue the practice You have passed to me faithfully. You always walk the talk Guru which I learnt from your closed disciples and Pastors. This has inspired me that I always hold the moto tight “Learn, Contemplating,Practicing and Share Your Teaching to others”

    Thank You my beloved Guru. I will continue whatever I have written above to welcome your young reincarnation and serve Him till end of my this life and future lives.

    Looking forward to meet and serve You again, my dearest Root Guru.

    Your Sincere Student,
    Tan Soon Huat

  21. Thank you for everything that has come our way and I hope you watch over us further.

  22. To my Guru, H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche,

    It is sad to know that you have left us so soon. My heartfelt thanks for your love, kindness, compassion, teachings and gifts that you have given to me. I pray for your fast and swift reincarnation and that I may be blessed to meet you again. Please let me have the merits to meet Rinpoche soon and in all our lifetimes that follow.


    With folded hands,

    Leonard Ooi

  23. My journey with you is CD and Youtube.
    I cite the mantra with you in your CD everyday in my journey.
    And I shall continue to do so because you had and will always be there (for me).
    In your Youtube videos, explanations are always fast, simple, straight-forward and no frills.
    In my moments of darkness, you’re the lighthouse…always shining without fail.
    You could’ve been a celebrity or rockstar but you chose a simple path of helping people with lion-heart.
    To me you see no difficulty just determination and love.

    Thank you (gratefully) TSEM RINPONCHE for your guidance.

  24. I shall recite 10K of Dorje Shugden Mantra everyday till we meet again in your next incarnation .

  25. We are certain and we pray for the swift return of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche to continue his work of spreading and supporting Je Tsongkhapa’s teachings throughout the world. His commitment, his devotion to his Gurus and his love for Je Tsongkhapa’s teachings manifested through his actions and legacy. Through Tsem Rinpoche’s example, we all learned that to follow Je Tsongkhapa’s doctrine, he said the only thing we have to practice everyday is selflessness. Love and compassion will manifest naturally as they are all virtuous minds. We thank him, and the sangha who supported him, for making the lineage teachings accessible to everyone and especially through his skillful means make it possible the practice of the Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden thereby honouring H.E. Trijang Rinpoche and all the lineage Gurus.

  26. Danke danke danke Tsem Rinpoche!!! Grossartiger Lehrer… so viel Inspiration hast Du gegeben mit Deiner wunderbaren Sprachkraft, Charisma, klaren Teachings… ich habe so viel gelernt von Dir….
    Danke für Deine liebevolle Güte.. Bitte bleibe aus Mitgefühl für Äonen…
    Möge Reiner, Heiliger Dharma für immer erblühen. Mögen alle Lebewesen Reines Glück finden…

  27. A Pinch of Wisdom

    ‘Well-informed’, I pride myself to be
    For neither am I smart nor intelligent
    This little ‘tag’ suits my ego fine

    Once, Buddha Dharma introduced itself
    On and off the path I wandered
    But cease not my quest for knowledge
    Books and talks, and ego too, stuffed me bloated
    No winter but twenty springs passed me by
    Still, this idle-self never learn
    Sweetness of Truth within my reach
    Yet its taste I know not
    This precious existence just drifted by…

    June came early carrying the tide
    Collective merits washed me ashore
    Kechara Heaven appeared upon me
    New dawn enters when life fades into dusk
    Quest for knowledge I intensified
    But this time I added a little practice.

    Your true compassion manifest itself
    This puja for the diligent worthies
    You made exemption
    The lion who shows no fierce, only kindness
    How can I doubt a Jewel so pure?
    In awe I prostrate before your throne
    Like Buddha himself, you share THE medicine
    Propelled by merits of yours and the learned, devoted others’
    I tasted first drop of wisdom…

    Wise words, like arrows punctured my ego
    Pierced my ignorance, cravings and anger too
    Shamed, my regret tears flowed like stream
    How can I be wise by sheer intellect knowledge?
    Only by understanding gain through deep experience,
    would wisdom comes to greet me…

    This tiny pinch of wisdom
    Bitter to the heart, sweet to my conscience…

    I know, with your great compassion
    You could never give-up on me, and,
    You WILL guide me till the end
    Even if this journey would take millions of years
    Pardon me, Sir, but your presence is sealed…

    ~ a special dedication to my beloved Guru, H.E. the 25th Tsem Rinpoche, penned on 3rd April 2006 after I met Rinpoche at the 1st Lama Chopa with tsok puja opened to public ~

    • It was my first meeting with Rinpoche ?

  28. Dear Guru H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche,

    Your untimely passing has left us all much saddened, worldwide.

    I feel honored n priviledged to be your student but regrettably did not have the opportunity to meet you personally.

    Your dhamma talks on YouTube and blogs inspired me greatly and your unconditioned love, care and kindness for everyone, will be fondly remembered as a respectable Guru.

    As you started on your new journey, we pray for your swift return to come back to Kechara Forest Retreat and continue to teach us dhamma and guide us on our spiritual paths and also to turn the Wheel of Dhamma.

    I will always have you in my prayers and look forward to meet you in this or my future lifetime.

    With much love
    Helen Lee

  29. 虽然在区域上和仁波切有些许距离,可是心灵上上师一直在我身边。

  30. I am indeed grateful that we have Guru Tsem Rinpoche to inspire me to learn dharma practice. Regrettably, I always think I would have a chance to learn from him in person when I retire from work but is too late. I can only learn from his videos & books then.

  31. Dear Rinpoche,

    I am so saddened to hear your passing. It is unfortunate of me to not have the merit to meet you in person in this lifetime. I knew about you from my friend Valentina while she was leading Kechara Indonesia. It was because of your teachings, blog and videos made available by you and all wonderful Kecharians, I had the affinity to learn BuddhaDhamma. Thanks to your teachings, I learn that Buddhism is not just about going to Dhamma centre, listen to preachings, going home, be an average good guy and that’s all. Dharma was liken a jewel to the ear for me at that time.

    Your teachings has changed my perspective towards Buddhism. Your presence and way of life was an exemplary to many which taught us to become a purpose for others. You introduced Lama Tsongkhapa and Dorje Shugden practice to me and due to the practice, things change for me and my family in a better way in many life aspects. I am forever grateful to come accross your teachings, guidance, kindness and blessings in this life.

    Your Eminence, with folded hands I pray for your swift return to Kechara Forest Retreat and forward the wheel of Dharma for benefit of sentient beings. May the journey is smooth without any obstacles.

    Thank you,
    Jeffry William

  32. Dear Rinpoche,

    I have heard so much of you and watch your many of your videos on your teaching. Although i have not managed to meet you in person but i know i will one day.
    May you have a smooth rebirth and come back to Kechara Forest Retreat, Bentong, Malaysia.
    You will always be in my prayers.

  33. I praise you, who with great compassion bestows
    In an instant the three bodies of great bliss.
    Oh Lama, like a wish-fulfilling jewel,
    You hold the Vajra. May I become like you!
    I praise you, exalted wisdom of all the Buddhas
    That manifests skillful means to tame us all,
    Enacting the role of a saffron-robed monk.
    Oh Refuge Protector, may I become like you!
    I praise your abandonment of all wrong,
    Oh precious treasury of infinite excellence.
    Sole door to the source of help and happiness,
    Inestimable Lama, may I become like you!
    I praise you, essence of Buddhas, Teachers even of gods,
    Source of the eighty-four thousand holy teachings.
    You shine resplendent in the hosts of extraordinary beings.
    Oh kind lineage Lamas, may I become like you!
    I praise the Buddhas of every time and place,
    The Three Supreme Jewels, and all that is worthy of honor
    I emanate limitless bodies to sing with faith and devotion
    Sweet anthems of praise. May I become like you!
    You are the Lama, you are the Yidam,
    You are the Dakini and Dharma Protector;
    From now until I attain enlightenment,
    I shall seek no refuge other than you.
    In this life, in the bardo, and until enlightenment,
    Please hold me in the hook of your compassion,
    Free me from the fears of samsara and nirvana,
    grant me all attainments,
    Be my constant companion, and protect me from all obstacles.

  34. Dear Rinpoche,
    I am saddened to hear of your passing and loss.
    Although i have not met you, i read of your dharma works and teachings.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers !!!
    Om Mani Padme Hum

  35. Dear Rinpoche
    Your teachings had touched my heart and made me to to be a better person than I was.
    Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha
    Om Mani Padme Hung

  36. Dear H.E. Tsem Rinpoche,
    Thank you so much for enlightening us.
    Your teaching has guided us to a meaningful life.
    We miss you.
    Look forward to your return.

  37. To my beloved Guru His Eminence the 25 th Tsem Tulku Rinpoche
    I would like to say thank you for all you have done for me, as words are too little to say how i feel.
    I know this farewell is going to be heavy in my hearts,as i going to miss you. Even though it is difficult to accept the pain of loosing you.
    The time has come for you to part from us.
    I have seen so many people in my life, its you who made the difference in my lives, learning from scratch to something which i truly treasured that is Dharma teachings, listening and reading your teachings from blogs and so forth.
    Though I do not show my tears, my heart cries as I bid goodbye to you. I do so only in the hope that you will be back swiftly and fast soon to continue turning the dharma wheel.
    You are a great a spiritual legacy infused with divine power and blessings.
    And your farewell makes me sad. But always remember that in my heart you will always be close, your ever cheerful , smile .
    I miss you, hope I will meet you again in this life or future life. . I will never forget the day , you have an audience with me and friends.
    Goodbyes are never easy
    Memories will always pierce the heart
    No words can say it all

    Thank you with folded hands
    Sam Foon Heei

  38. To my Guru His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

    Most people I understand, seek spirituality when they encounter difficulties in life. For me, some 20 years ago, I was feeling some form of “emptiness” -not in a Buddhist way, and was seeking out something so I can have some form of “fellowship”.

    I chanced upon a Buddhist prayer session. There, I met a spiritual master and it was a Q & A session that night and someone in the audience asked, “There are so many religions in this world, which is the right one to follow?”

    As he is a Buddhist master, I expected him to say, Buddhism. But no…

    He gave an analogy of going to a buffet and there was only blanched broccoli and nothing else. How many people would eat blanched broccoli? Now, if you add some custard sauce or soy sauce or curry sauce or onion sauce, how many more people will eat. And the essence of that buffet meal was BROCCOLI.

    Similarly, the essence of most religions ( if not all) is COMPASSION. But different people have different affinity to each and every religion and as long as they are committed and practiced focusing on the Compassion theme, they are okay (so to speak).

    Because of this first chance meeting and the broccoli analogy, I now follow my Spiritual Mentor His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche fervently.

    Tsem Tulku Rinpoche is a very caring person besides

    I considered my family and I very fortunate to have met our Guru, His Eminence #Tsem #Tulku #Rinpoche as the #Dharma we were taught makes a lot of sense and in Dharma, sense is much more important than just reading and remembering and reciting the sutras…

    Also, no matter how profound a teaching may be, it will be of little use to us if we do not remember it clearly and then apply it to the cultivation of our own mind.

    To this end, our Guru His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche has instilled in us, I’d call it the “LRC” of Dharma…

    Listening (to Dharma) talks
    Reading (Dharma) texts
    Contemplating on the above

    Thank you Guru…

    Please show us clear signs of your reincarnation and please come back to Kechara Forest Retreat and make this your ‘home’ again…

    Much love and prayers

    Keng Nam

  39. Dearest Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

    You always kept your promises…never ever broke them.
    You promised that you will be always be there for me.
    So I trust that you are watching me from somewhere above,
    and will guide me whenever I am lost.
    Nowadays, I watch the night sky with hope to see you somewhere.
    They say that good people, when they die, turn into stars.
    I know you are twinkling brightly with all your might,
    and that I will find you someday. Love you always.
    You taught me everything I can remember, gave me a meaningful life.
    Now, that you are gone, I will live with your ideals and never let you down.
    We shall rejoice for you, as you are in a better place, a place you always dreamt of.
    But we shall also mourn for those whom you have left behind. Rest in peace.
    I’m sure my prayers will be answered often now,
    as you are so close to sages and Buddhas and will tell him all I say to you.
    Ask the Buddhas to give us strength to live without you.
    All that you have created will always remind us of your genius…
    we will try to follow your footsteps and your principles.
    With honour and respect you shall rest.
    Loss cannot be expressed in words, it can only be felt.
    So I shall remember you in silence.
    I bid adieu to you as of now.
    What an exit you made…silently, all of a sudden, without giving life a chance to trouble you with pain or remorse.
    Your final act shall always be remembered. Rest in peace with the Dakinis and Saints above till one day all of us will meet soon.

    Love as always

  40. My heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to a great guru like H.E. Tsem Rinpoche for bringing us the teaching of Tibetan Buddhist to Malaysia. Also, to motivate and move so many dedicated disciple to build Kechara Forest Retreat to its present state from scratch which we can use to continue your teachings.

    May the great Buddha and Amitābha Buddha continue to bless your holy soul and give you guidance to the Pure Land.

  41. Dear Precious Root Guru,

    It was unbearable to know that You have left us, have left sentient beings into the sphere of Non-dual Bliss and Emptiness, but Your Great Legacy remains large and wide and Heart felt across the globe. It would be a great loss to mother sentient beings if You were Not to emanate once more. You have saved Tenzin Thokpa from the blink of downfalls with Your uncontrived, unbiased Bodhicitta and Your unconventional Wisdom Skillful means.

    You have made many auspicious prayers and was able to reverse unfortunate events for Tenzin Thokpa. As a student, Tenzin Thokpa feels fortunate to have met You, my precious lama who despite many difficult odds, You still thrived and excel brilliantly! You have started taking care of the less fortunate Malaysians by setting up Kechara Soup Kitchen and You also have great version to benefit future sentient beings by building a great institution – Kechara Forest Retreat center in Bentong!

    In 2011 when my mother fell seriously sick, You without any hesitation performed healing prayers and took away her suffering. Mum is still well and alive today and has been attending Dharma classes and studies of her level eversince she recovered. Mum is grateful to Your unrelenting kindness and unselfish care.

    In Your absence, Tenzin Thokpa will continue to learn, practise and do my best to transform my untamed mind. Tenzin Thokpa awaits Your swift return for guidance and instructions so as to reach the end of the 2 stages and and achieve the primordial stage in this very lifetime.

    From the bottom of my sincere heart, I, Tenzin Thokpa, a direct disciple of H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche who is no different from Lord Manjushri Himself to swiftly take rebirth and emanate as a Tulku to continue Your Great Dharma Work for sentient beings! May we students comes under Your joyful care once more and work together for the benefit of others …

    At Your Exalted Feet of Lord Manjushri,
    Tenzin Thokpa

  42. May the Rinpoche rest in Peace. Pray for Rinpoche return in an early recarnation. Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha.

  43. Dearest Rinpoche,
    My deepest gratitude and many thanks to Rinpoche for the years of compassion, concern, care and advice to me & family. Without Rinpoche’s blessings and care, I would not have been able to learn and practice the holy Dharma. Your skilful methods to guide us according to our mental disposition is a precious treasure.

    Kechara House, Kechara Forest Retreat & Kechara Soup Kitchen has benefited many due to your kindness. I am blessed to be your humble student and pray that in future lives I will continue to be in Rinpoche’s mandala. May we disciples find your reincarnation swifly and have the merits to meet you again in this lifetime. 

    May DS practice flourish forever more.

    With folded hands,

  44. Dear Rinpoche la,

    We always miss you. Plz come back again soon for helping others by spreading Budha’s teaching in this workd. You helped a lot people to learn Dharma, you are so kindness. I really wish to come to see your precious body and pay last respect but unfortunately I got visa problem. I wont be worry about it because it is good sign to see directly Rinpoches next new body. We always love you, miss your speech, teaching, unfogetable Ds statue gift. Thank You

    Dakpa Choedak

  45. I “ met” HE Tsem Tulku online in 2010 when I was recuperating from a broken ankle. A friend showed me his videos and I was thrilled. His videos greatly helped me. Even though I never met Rinpoche in person ai was able to do something for him, a favor, since I lived close to Howell NJ. The blessings I received in return can not be measured. I will be forever grateful to Tsem Tulku Rinpoche. The reasons are too many to list. Guru, Yidam, Protector. I pray for your swift return and that I may be blessed to meet you soon.

  46. Please accept my deepest and heartfelt condolences to all the disciples of the H.E. Tsem Rinpoche worldwide and to the Kechara Organization. This is a great loss to all of us Dorje Shugten followers around the world. I will always remain indebted to H. E. Tsem Rinpoche and will be remembered for his endless endeavors to advocate the cause of Dorje Shugten on social media.
    H. E. Tsem Rinpoche has inspired all the Dorje Shugten people in the world and specially the 2nd generation people like me who did not read Tibetan, learned a lot about Dharma from his website and the blogs. In this moment of grief my prayers and best wishes are with all followers of Tsem Rinpoche around the world. I will pray for H. E. Tsem Rinpoche’s swift return and good rebirth!!

  47. Tashi delek renooche kherang gonpa shing la febpa ngatso sem la kangal chenpo chung song Renpoche kherang nyurne nyur di yangsik fabpe monlam manpo yoe tashi dele Renpoche la ?????????

  48. Tashi delek Renpoche la please wel come as soon as possible we need yours help and we need master like you and guru like you please as soon as possible reincarnation ?????????????????????

  49. Magnificient, Compassionate, Charismatic and Incredible. Although I never met Rinpoche he is unparalled to any earthly being I have met. Such is the impression I have of Rinpoche gathered from the writings on his blog. He inspires me to be a better person every day. His passionate activism for fairness to Dorje Shugden practitioners can be witnessed clearly. Both enlightened beings have helped me a lot. I thank Rinpoche for your many greatly beneficial activities and pray that I may have the fortune to study under you always. Do come back soon Rinpoche and may the world see you yet again in your glorious and magnificient form.

  50. 六号七月二零一九, 我和关丹朋友们都遇见了仁波切。这一天是我第一次也是最后一次和仁波切面对面聊天。在我们等候的时间,詹拉章的佛友都准备食物给我们吃。大概是晚上11点半。
    八号九月二零一九,仁波切的法体运送回到禅修林。 我又泪流满面。仁波切就像是我们家人一样,我们都不舍得仁波切的离去。仁波切的离去,让我体会到人生无常。虽然仁波切不在了,但是我不会放弃学习仁波切的教悔。感谢仁波切,因为他的教悔所以我改掉我的脾气。但愿仁波切乘愿再回来教导我们。 仁波切, 克切拉成圆等你回来!

  51. Dearest Rinpoche,

    First and foremost, my heartfelt gratitude to Rinpoche for:

    ~ Letting me to be connected to Rinpoche in this life, albeit my countless negative karmas.

    ~ Your profound and penetrative Dharma teachings that had been valuable reminders to me in improving myself and in coping with challenging circumstances.

    ~ Your skillful means in various ways for Dharmic purpose which I may not realise due to my deep rooted ignorance and delusion.

    ~ Your unconditional, genuine kindness and patience and countless selfless deeds.

    Personally for me, the unexpected departure of Rinpoche had shaken me to the extent beyond my expectation and comprehension. With my lack of wisdom, I am relearning something painfully:

    ~ The importance of gratitude and not to take for granted people who are important/been unconditionally kind to us as we will not know their worth/importance until we lost them. Never let the rat race, materialism pursuit, self indulgence etc to substantially occupy this short life of us and the precious time that we have at the expense of important people and Dharma practice. Shall be mindful and remember the precious people around us for we will not know how long they will be around. In this case, the Guru, Rinpoche.

    ~ Impermanence is not only real but
    also the ultimate test on whether I have truly embrace it and able to accept with grace when it struck me. In this case, the departure of someone who I didn’t realise had such an intense impact on me personally. Hence, continuous learning, contemplation and practice of Dharma are essential.

    ~ The importance of a Spiritual Guide/Guru in the Dharma path. As we do not have the abundant merits to truly understand the Dharma on our own and practise Dharma correctly and deeply, the genuine Guru is the one whom we should painstakingly learn, listen and most importantly to apply the teachings to transform our negative traits into positive qualities which will bring beneficial results to ourselves and hopefully others as well. Hence, once we found our Root Guru, we shall commit throughout and accumulate merits to be connected again and again with the Guru in all future lifetimes.

    Be that as it may and despite knowing the reality of life, the darkness and hopelessness are just too overwhelming during the challenging times that we cannot find any glimpse of light and hope.. For that I shall remember this:

    “Find hope when there’s none because no one is going to give it to you. ”

    “Don’t wait for the light, be the light. ”

    ~ His Eminence the 25th Tsem Rinpoche.

    May we have Rinpoche and the Three Jewels’ unceasing blessings so that we can have the merits to meet Rinpoche soon and in all our lifetimes and follow Rinpoche to benefit sentient beings.

    Rinpoche, please take swift rebirth and show clear signs to us, your students. Please let us have your compassionate blessing to reconnect with Rinpoche once again.

    With folded hands,
    ee mun

  52. Thank you Rimpoche for being a beacon of light to all the Malaysians here, especially the homeless. You have been a compassionate guru, whose knowledge and kindness impacted many souls. May you have a swift rebirth.

  53. Thank you Rinpoche for your compassion and dharma teachings. My life has changed ever since I found Kechara and also found my spiritual Guru – Tsem Rinpoche. My prayers for Rinpoche’s swift rebirth to continue to turn the wheel of dharma. Please show clear signs of your reincarnation and may I have the merits to disciples meet Rinpoche again soon in this lifetime or in my future lifetime. You are dearly missed.

    With love always,
    Melinda Yap

  54. Dear Rinpoche,

    Thank you for the precious teachings you have imparted which we will always cherish.

    My sister and I came across your teaching in 2010 while watching All About Rosaries on YouTube. I still remember how amazed we were at the way Rinpoche explained the benefits of reciting mantras in such a logical and simple to understand manner.

    I have changed for the better since “virtually” meeting Rinpoche and any small transformation I made today is because of your kindness, generosity and dharma teachings.

    May Rinpoche show clear signs of incarnation and may I gain the merit to meet my precious guru in this and every lifetime until enlightenment.

    Bowing to your lotus feet

  55. Dear Rinpoche I can’t thank you enough for all your love, guidance, teachings and much much more .. Love you always. ???

  56. To my Dearest Lama,
    “You are my Guru
    You are my Yidam
    You are my Protector
    You are my Hero
    You are The Wind Beneath My Wings”
    Because of you, I’m a less selfish person.
    Because of you, I learn to care for others.
    Because of you, I learn to be filial.
    Because of you, I learn to let go & forgive.
    Because of you, I learn to be less angry.
    Because of you, I learn to help the poor.
    Because of you, I learn to be generous.
    Because of you, I learn to be less miserly.
    Because of you, I’m a vegetarian.
    Because of you, I’m mindful of my body, speech & mind.
    All my positive transformation is due your kind blessings.
    Thank you for accepting the difficult me (the bottom of the barrel) to be your student.
    We are deeply saddened by your passing to Paranirvana and we miss you dearly.
    Please show us clear signs on your reincarnation to continue turning the wheel of Dharma, we are waiting for your return to Kechara House.
    May i never be seperated from my perfect Guru from now on and in all my future lives.
    Please continue to guide us until Enlightenment.

    With Folded Hands,

  57. H. H Tsem Tulku Rinpoche awoke me to the Dharma. It’s as simple as it’s deeply profound. I cannot say how he has benefitted me – a gift like that is priceless, beyond comparison, one which cannot be measured.

  58. Saying ‘Thank You for Everything’ is an understatement.

    Your mere presence was a source of great blessings and inspiration.
    Your caring guidance transformed minds of many.
    Every action & word of yours was none other than Dharma teachings that guide us closer to the truth, so is your illusory departure.

    Although the act of your passing is a poignant reminder of the impermanence of life, it’s difficult not to feel an immense sadness & loss.

    Our dearest & loving Tsem Rinpoche, please come back (physically) soon to guide us once again.

  59. Dearest Rinpoche,

    Rinpoche has make a great positive impact in me and my family’s life.

    Rinpoche have make me realise the importance of going vegetarian as it can save innocent animals life.

    With folded palms, Rinpoche please show us signs of your reincarnation. Love you forever my dearest respectable Guru. Till we meet again. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. ? ? ? ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️.

  60. Dear Rinpoche ,

    Your sudden passing into parinirvana is another teaching to all your students on impermanence and to treasure the preciousness of dharma. Regretfully I must admit that I had taken a slow and sloppy ride to learn the dharma. Many thanks and gratitude to you my Guru, for leaving behind a beneficial legacy to show to all that it is possible to achieve what seems to be “impossible” in common eyes. Your kindness and unconditional love and care for all of us will be remembered for life. May we have the merits to witness your reincarnation in this life time and to reconnected with you in all our future lives .

    Students Forever – Nancy Loo

  61. Dear Tsem Rinpoche,

    Although I have yet to meet Your Eminence personally or receive teaching directly from you , but watching you from far is already a blessing to me. Your teaching in the blog and YouTube channels has benefits me tremendously. Due to your kindness, we have Kechara House for us to learn dharma and Kechara Forest Retreat as our spiritual home. Your reincarnation back to Kechara will benefit countless sentient beings. May we be able to find your reincarnation swiftly with a Geshe of import so that we can continue your lineage and receive teaching directly from you. May all of us have the opportunity to serve you as our venerable holy Guru.

  62. Dear Rinpoche,
    Even I haven’t meet you in person but I always watched your Dharma teaching talk from YouTube & Blog. At times you helped me tremendously in difficult period of my life.

    Although I’m a brain cancer survivor. . By all your teaching gaven me a bright hopes till today.. Therefore your passing away is a Great loss for us.
    You has left behind a wealth of Dharma teaching, instructions & guidance for all the world.
    Now it is time that we all need to pray for Your rebirth for benefit of all sentient beings. Let us make heartfelt prayers that Rinpoche reincarnation swiftly returns.
    For me.. You are not just a teacher yet You are my Hero too.
    Thank You so much for everything

    With lots of love always

  63. His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche passing into parinirvana will be dearly missed.

    I started to learn more about Tibet Buddhism after encountering Dorje Shugden and HE Tsem Rinpoche.

    Although I have known HH Dalai Lama teachings and popularity, yet HE Tsem Rinpoche grace allowed me to learn deeper about Tibetan Buddhism.

    Sadly, I didn’t had the chance to meet him physically, but I believe he is closely watching everyone, guiding our mind and hearts.

    I truly believe HE Tsem Rinpoche blessings will be there for every sentient beings.

  64. Dear Rinpoche,

    Since young I was attracted to pendants and holy items from temple. Because of this interest, i straight away walked into Kechara Paradise which I came across many many years ago. I’ve become a strong believer when my mother in-law introduced me the mantra of Om Mani Padme Hum and this has triggered me to surf into Rinpoche’s blog. I was amazed how the teachings of Rinpoche managed to clear my queries about Taoism and Buddhism prayers that I had with me all these years.

    Needless to say the Youtube of Dorje Shugden Oracle taking trance in Kechara Forest Retreat (21 June 2015) was an eye opener to me. I have since been chanting DS mantras and follow every articles written by Rinpoche with regards to DS.

    It was as though a destined faith that got me ready to face a big challenge in my life. In August 2016 my dad had undergone a major operation. The operation was a great success with the help of Lord DS and Medicine Buddha Pujas conducted by Kechara Puja team. I could personally feel the existence of DS that accompanied me throughout this difficult period. Without Rinpoche’s videos and blog, I would not be able to pull it through and I am forever thankful and grateful for that.

    Yet my family and I faced another hurdle in December 2016 that brought us to attend pujas in Kechara House until now. We were advised by Pastor Gim Lee to start our daily prayers to remove our obstacles.

    We were so fortunate to meet Rinpoche in person one day. After attending several pujas back then, we were so excited that we had the merits to meet HE accidentally in one of the shopping centres in PJ. Rinpoche was accompanied by his senior students. My heart was racing rapidly upon seeing HE.

    Upon learning the passing of Rinpoche into parinirvana, we are still in shock since then. However I strongly believe that we shall cross path again with Rinpoche.

    We make strong wishes and prayers daily to Buddhas Lama Tsongkapha and DS to remove all our obstacles so as to pray for Rinpoche’s swift return. May we meet up our Guru again in this life swiftly. May Rinpoche be our Guru and Protector in all our future lives.

    Sincerely yours,
    KF & family

  65. Rinpoche appeared in my life in the time I need the most. My family and I was going through difficult times and there was no way around it.

    I was lucky enough to be introduced by friends to Rinpoche and was lucky to be granted an audience with him. He gave advices that I could never forget. I still practiced as much as I can what he taught me.

    My family is grateful for Rinpoche’s teachings and the advices he has given. They are priceless.

    Our family have dharma now, all because Rinpoche’s teachings.

    He convinces us to practice dharma effortlessly.

    Best teacher.

    I want to say to Rinpoche, thank you so much. I have never met a teacher so dedicated and that my family and I can understand so easily. He makes dharma fun and attractive to learn.

  66. Dear Rinpoche, I came across your youtube videos back in 2011 well looking for information on Je Tsongkhapa, as I found his Lam Rim recently translated into English for the first time. I found your blog and after that wrote too you. You responded and answered some questions I asked. I didn’t know it right away but I found my root guru.

    You were very kind and offered advice, and throughout the following years bestowed gifts, much to my surprise. The greatest gift though was your wisdom and guidance. I continued to watch your videos and applied the advice and practices you advised. Everything workout for the better. Please hurry and come back to us soon and incarnate. Many beings are still suffering in this Saha world, Englightenment can wait.

  67. I am so blessed to have the affinity to be connected to Rinpoche this lifetime. Rinpoche had taught me the true meaning of love and compassion. We, as His students are so blessed to be able to practise and enjoy the benefits of practising Lord Dorje Shugden. His Eminence had touched the hearts of all who had the affinity to be connected to Him. Please Rinpoche come back to us quickly. We all still need you to continue the work of Lord Dorje Shugden and to turn the Wheel of Dharma for the benefit of all sentient beings. May I have the merits to be able to meet Rinpoche again in many lifetimes to come.

    Bowing down and with folded palms.
    Forever your student, Esther.

  68. Great Compassion Mantra

    qiān千 shǒu手 qiān千 yǎn眼 wú无 ài碍 dà大 bēi悲 xīn心 tuó陀 luó罗 ní尼 

    ná南 mó无 hē喝 là啰 dá怛 nuó那 duō哆 là啰 yè夜 yē耶  。 ná南 mó无 ā阿 lì唎 yē耶  。 pó婆 lú卢 jiē羯 dì帝 shuò烁 bō钵 là啰 yē耶  。 pú菩 tí提 sà萨 duǒ埵 pó婆 yē耶  。 mó摩 hē诃 sà萨 duǒ埵 pó婆 yē耶  。 mó摩 hē诃 jiā迦 lú卢 ní尼 jiā迦 yē耶  。 ān唵  。 sà萨 bó皤 là啰 fá罚 yè曳  。 shù数 dá怛 nuó那 dá怛 xiè写  。 ná南 mó无 xī悉 jí吉 lì㗚 duǒ埵 yī伊 méng蒙 ā阿 lì唎 yē耶  。 pó婆 lú卢 jí吉 dì帝 shì室 fó佛 là啰 léng楞 tuó驮 pó婆  。 ná南 mó无 nuó那 là啰 jǐn谨 chí墀  。 xī醯 lì唎 mó摩 hē诃 bó皤 duō哆 shā沙 miē咩  。 sà萨 pó婆 ā阿 tuó他 dòu豆 shū输 péng朋  。 ā阿 shì逝 yùn孕  。 sà萨 pó婆 sà萨 duō哆 ná那 mó摩 pó婆 sà萨 duō多  。 ná那 mó摩 pó婆 qié伽  。 mó摩 fá罚 tè特 dòu豆  。 dá怛 zhì姪 tuó他  。 ān唵  。 ā阿 pó婆 lú卢 xī醯  。 lú卢 jiā迦 dì帝  。 jiā迦 luó罗 dì帝  。 yí夷 xī醯 lì唎  。 mó摩 hē诃 pú菩 tí提 sà萨 duǒ埵  。 sà萨 pó婆 sà萨 pó婆  。 mó摩 là啰 mó摩 là啰  。 mó摩 xī醯 mó摩 xī醯 lì唎 tuó驮 yùn孕  。 jù俱 lú卢 jù俱 lú卢 jié羯 méng蒙  。 dù度 lú卢 dù度 lú卢 fá罚 shé阇 yē耶 dì帝  。 mó摩 hē诃 fá罚 shé阇 yē耶 dì帝  。 tuó陀 là啰 tuó陀 là啰  。 dì地 lì唎 ní尼  。 shì室 fó佛 là啰 yē耶  。 zhē遮 là啰 zhē遮 là啰  。 mó么 mó么 fá罚 mó摩 là啰  。 mù穆 dì帝 lì隶  。 yī伊 xī醯 yī伊 xī醯  。 shì室 nuó那 shì室 nuó那  。 ā阿 là啰 shēn嘇 fó佛 là啰 shè舍 lì利  。 fá罚 suō娑 fá罚 shēn嘇  。 fó佛 là啰 shě舍 yē耶  。 hū呼 lú卢 hū呼 lú卢 mó摩 là啰  。 hū呼 lú卢 hū呼 lú卢 xī醯 lì利  。 suō娑 là啰 suō娑 là啰  。 xī悉 lì唎 xī悉 lì唎  。 sū苏 lú嚧 sū苏 lú嚧  。 pú菩 tí提 yè夜 pú菩 tí提 yè夜  。 pú菩 tuó驮 yè夜 pú菩 tuó驮 yè夜  。 mī弥 dì帝 lì利 yè夜  。 nuó那 là啰 jǐn谨 chí墀  。 dì地 lì利 sè瑟 ní尼 nuó那  。 pó婆 yè夜 mó摩 nuó那  。 suō娑 pó婆 hē诃  。 xī悉 tuó陀 yè夜  。 suō娑 pó婆 hē诃  。 mó摩 hē诃 xī悉 tuó陀 yè夜  。 suō娑 pó婆 hē诃  。 xī悉 tuó陀 yù喻 yì艺  。 shì室 pō皤 là啰 yē耶  。 suō娑 pó婆 hē诃  。 nuó那 là啰 jǐn谨 chí墀  。 suō娑 pó婆 hē诃  。 mó摩 là啰 nuó那 là啰  。 suō娑 pó婆 hē诃  。 xī悉 là啰 sēng僧 ā阿 mù穆 qiè佉 yē耶  。 suō娑 pó婆 hē诃  。 suō娑 pó婆 mó摩 hē诃 ā阿 xī悉 tuó陀 yè夜  。 suō娑 pó婆 hē诃  。 zhě者 jí吉 là啰 ā阿 xī悉 tuó陀 yè夜  。 suō娑 pó婆 hē诃  。 bō波 tuó陀 mó摩 jié羯 xī悉 tuó陀 yè夜  。 suō娑 pó婆 hē诃  。 nuó那 là啰 jǐn谨 chí墀 pō皤 qié伽 là啰 yē耶  。 suō娑 pó婆 hē诃  。 mó摩 pó婆 lì利 shèng胜 jié羯 là啰 yè夜  。 suō娑 pó婆 hē诃  。 ná南 mó无 hē喝 là啰 dá怛 nuó那 duō哆 là啰 yè夜 yē耶  。 ná南 mó无 ā阿 lì利 yē耶  。 pó婆 lú嚧 jí吉 dì帝  。 shuò烁 pō皤 là啰 yè夜  。 suō娑 pó婆 hē诃  。 ān唵  。 xī悉 diàn殿 dū都  。 màn漫 duō多 là啰  。 bá跋 tuó陀 yē耶  。 suō娑 pó婆 hē诃  。 

  69. During a difficult time I kept hearing the name of Je Tsongkhapa. Through that I found Tsem Rinpoche. Through Rinpoche and his team I always received the utmost help and sound advice. I always felt he was only interested in benefitting all beings. It was a shock to hear Rinpoche had passed away at such a young age. My condolences to everyone at this sad time.

  70. Although I have not met Rinpoche I have read a lot from his blog and I have learn a lot from him through his blog I am especially touch by his biography reading all he has gone through, his suffering and “adventure” before and after he became a monk

  71. 無比智辯具足的馬來西亞克切拉佛教中心的所有功德主及善心大德信眾全體學員、尊鑑 !





  72. 尊貴敬愛的仁波切:您用佛法在人世間不離世間覺的智慧與方便弘揚佛法、讓人世間誘惑迷茫中的善心人士了解佛法的本質與傳承的重要!尊敬的仁波切您突然顯示圓寂,您的圓寂不分地位高貴甚至流浪在街頭的朋友都會悲痛欲絕、因為在您的慈悲行動中體驗過什麼叫做實踐入菩薩行,我們跟克切拉佛教團體與信眾一樣心裡非常萬分不捨!仁波切示寂,緣盡捨報實為我們格魯巴清淨教法也是大佛教之悲,教界之憾!祈願尊貴的佛教大師詹仁波切慈悲,倒駕慈航,返回人間娑婆,度化有情。尊貴敬愛的仁波切啦您雖然示現圓寂,知道在另一個世界有仁波切更重要的教化使命。現在我們所有的清淨弟子與克切拉佛教團體一起把悲痛化為力量由衷祈福最敬愛尊貴的仁波切聖願再來,相信在不久的未來,我們會再續前緣,聆聽您的清淨教誨與實踐入菩薩行。尊貴敬愛的仁波切祈願您早日乘緣再來!


  73. H.E Tsem Rinpoche… he will truly be missed by us all but he also teach us that everything happens for a reason. I am sure we will cross path with Rinpoche again. I have not seen Rinpoche in person. I remember whenever I passed by SS2 & also 1Utama, I will definitely walk in to Kechara as I feel so at peace & at home when I am there. Kecharians also welcome me like into Kechara like part of the family. This shows how well Rinpoche has teach his students. I also remember when I chatted online & Rinpoche joined us & I felt so happy & blessed that Rinpoche is answering my questions. Rinpoche is so understanding & patience with me. Even though we are not in the same place but I can feel his presence to guide me. Rinpoche have somehow brought Kechara to me & with Kechara’s guidance I have learnt a lot & they even helped me when I was facing some difficult times. As Rinpoche has somehow manage to ensure all the right people are there to guide & assist me. In Kechara , I have found a place that I can turn & talk to. Rinpoche, I will miss you a lot, missing the talks that you share with us but I am sure we shall cross path again. Thank you for everything you have done & guide us.

  74. Dear Rinpoche, although I have met you only once, at a Dharma gathering in Singapore years ago, I have known you since I learnt to say Migtsema in around 2007. It was coincidental that as I was still uncertain of the pronunciation of the prayer, I chanced upon its recitation by you in a podcast. I have been your fan since. You are the only Tibetan teacher that I know who could elucidate directly and clearly the essence of Buddhism in English. My trust in you however was never complete. I remember an incident when a technician pronounced my laptop dead, but when I visualised you as one with Setrap and say the mantra, the set suddenly came to life! This and other miracles however, did not give me hundred percent faith. Over our conversation in your blog, you encouraged me to take part in the reading of Lam Rim, which I refused, giving the excuse of it being too lengthy. You also asked if I could contribute ideas to the horoscope page, which out of laziness, I only sent you a link to another site. Dear Rinpoche, I am very sorry! If time was to turn back, I will not behave like that again! You are a truly a selfless teacher. Your appearance, demeanour, even your voice and tone changed in accordance to circumstantial and students needs. In the course of your stay with us, I have seen 3 to 4 versions of you. You seized and engaged every teaching moment, even for the most recalcitrant, though these would create misunderstandings and doubts about you later on. Your entire life has been a breathing Lam Rim, where lessons on guru devotion and the three scopes came to life. When reciting the rejoicing segment of Gaden Lhagyama, I realise that it was your deeds, be they propagating the lineage, supporting the Sangha, building spiritual institutions, delivering copious amount of sermons, that come most sharply to mind. Your teachings on the synthesised path to Vajrayogini were inspirational and unparalleled! Your defense of the veracity of Lord Shugden’s practise through multiple avenues, be it amalgamating the different voices of truth, putting forth powerful arguments and rebutting false accusations upon highly logical basis through systematically crafted narratives, has been impeccable and executed to the most resounding effect. In my opinion, no one has done more than you in this respect! History will do justice to your efforts! Please return in an incarnation that can teach us in the soonest time! In the meantime, please bless the continued growth of and removal of all obstacles for Kechara House, that memories of your deeds and faith in your abilities will not diminish in the hearts of us, your disciples. _/\_

  75. Dear Rinpoche,

    I came across your teachings in 2012. I was in a bad place back then and your teachings have helped me grow as a person and learn how to deal with difficulties. Your teachings have made huge impact in my life and it has shaped me to become a better person. I am forever grateful for that.

    In 2013, my brother and I had the great fortune and merit to have an audience with Rinpoche, it was the same day I requested to take refuge. I remember it like it was yesterday, it was truly one of the happiest day of my life.

    My family and I have made life long friend with Rinpoche’s students who have continuously helped and supported us throughout the years. I am forever grateful to you Rinpoche and I miss you a lot. I pray that I will always have the merit to be connected to Rinpoche till I reach buddha-hood. I pray that Rinpoche will return to us swiftly.

    With folded hands,

  76. Dear H.E Tsem Rinpoche,

    Thank you so so very much from the bottom of my heart for all your dharma teachings talks via your videos in YouTube, blogs, FB and also I truly believe that you will be missed by all of us here in Kechara and your students all over the world.

    It’s my privilege and honor to be one of your many students here in Kechara, Malaysia.

    Till we meet again in another life and Rest In Peace now Tsem Rinpoche. There’s no words that can describe how I am feeling right now on how you have inspired me and also others with your funny joke and make the Buddha’s dharma teachings so practical and relevant especially with our busy daily life in today’s modern world with latest technology and all.

    You are definitely one of a kind (Lama, Guru and a friend) and will be forever missed and fondly remembered in my mind and heart always!

    Thank you, thank you and thank you very much for giving us so much Tsem Rinpoche!
    Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu…

    With lots of love always,
    Nigel Wong

  77. I had not gotten the honour of meeting Rinpoche in person but I have kept up with almost all his activities and the wonderful things he has done. He initiation of spreading the knowledge and teachings of Dorjee Shugden has given a light to our cause and we shall all work towards the cause and get religious freedom. I pray for quick return of Rinpoche and may he rest in peace until then.

  78. 感谢仁波切在我加入克切拉这个大家庭对弟子们的帮助,师父您的离世众然有万般的不舍单是我还是一直没有办法改变,除了难过还是难过,除了流泪还是流泪,也许旁人看了听了我们的故事我们的感受会觉得夸张,但还我是凡夫俗子一个自然难以掩饰内心的不舍,衷心的祈愿师父您快快的乘愿再来;众弟子都在等您回家….ladrang

  79. Dear Rinpoche,

    With Rinpoche’s dharma talks not only help me to have methods to overcome my obstacles, also help peoples and sentient beings around me.

    By building Kechara Forest Retreat, Rinpoche have gave us the most precious gift to us – a spiritual home.

    Rinpoche please show clear sign of Your reincarnation, please come back to Kechara Forest Retreat.

    Thank you for helping me to transform my mind.

    With love , bowing to Rinpoche

  80. Your Eminence had very profound impact, not only in my life, but also on my immediate family. Words cannot describe how much Dharma you have given compassionately to all sentient beings. It is us, out of laziness, ego, etc. that have not followed your advise and teachings all the way.

    Your passage into parinirvana is a very impactful lesson to us all in sense that our lives can just end suddenly and all we have is another journey within samsara 9if we have sufficient merits to be born as humans again) to start learning Dharma again. This very crucial lesson is what we missed. We still delay and procrastinate in not transforming our minds enough.

    May we meet Your Eminence again very soon and may a Geshe of import identify your incarnation swiftly so that we can be together again in Kechara Malaysia.

  81. 亲爱的上师,弟子虽然与你未曾常常见面,可是你所送给我的佛法功课和礼物已让我心中顿悟…弟子终于明白上师你要我接触世间百态和汉传佛法的用心,我会好好地尽我所能去帮助众生…

  82. Dear Rinpoche;

    With great humility and palms folded; I humbly request Rinpoche to show us your student and disciples a vivid and lucid sign of your incarnation. May you please continue to guide us through our Great Protector Dorje Shugden during your physical absence. I pray that in this life time, we will be given the opportunity to be guided by you again, receiving precious dharma from you personally here at Kechara House and Kechara Forest Retreat.

    My deepest gratitude for the encouragements and advises in my personal and professional life. Without your dharma and guidance I would not be where I am today. I pray to have the opportunity to serve you again. You will never be missing in my life as I will have you in my heart, mind and prayers. This will not be goodbye, I pray you will come back to us soon.

    Devotedly with love;
    James M.F. Won

  83. Thank you Rinpoche for being part of our life. May Rinpoche have a swift rebirth, and may all of us locate Rinpoche as soon and fast again. May I have the merits to meet Rinpoche not only this life time but many many more future life times. With folded hands. Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha.